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Pembrokeshire Archives - Conservation Work

Work Experience and Welsh Baccalaureate at Pembrokeshire Archives & Local Studies

We offer work experience placements to students including for the Welsh Baccalaureate.  Our service preserves and promotes the written history of Pembrokeshire and makes this accessible as far as possible to the public.

Work placements with us can include any of the following:

•Learning about the important work and role of the Archive and Local Studies Service

•Family and local history

•The management of information resources

•Developing research skills through the study of original archive material

•Assisting with the delivery of our front-line public service

•Assisting with the digitisation of archival material

•Learning about the role and profession of archive conservation

We have a limited number of places of work experience placements available each year.  To ensure you get the most of your time with us, it would benefit if you have the following:

•A genuine love of history or information management

•A desire to study history or a related discipline at a higher level

•Enjoy being a part of a team and assisting other people

•A responsible attitude

Students are welcome to contact us directly to arrange an informal meeting to discuss a potential placement.  Please email us at or call us on 01437 775456.

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Archives Visitors testimonials
  • "I have never had such a fruitful time in an archive. Thank you so much to your very helpful staff."
  • "The staff here have been most helpful, patient and kind and made my difficult task a more pleasant experience. Congratulations to the Boss for having such a great team."
  • "Diolch o galon am bob help a chyfeillgarwch."
  • "Very interesting and helpful visit; will be more confident to visit more often."
  • "Staff were excellent with help: best help I have had from Archive offices. Thank you very much."
  • "A visit that solved a lot of questions, but raised several more! Staff were most helpful - a donation box may be useful in the future to [show] our appreciation."
  • "Wow! Fantastic! The staff were very friendly and very, very helpful. Thank you very much."