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The Walled Garden

The "Walled Garden" project has been developed to link the kitchen garden with the old estate to fully realise the "Scolton Manor story"; offering visitors a window into the Victorian era and the site's place with in it as a self-sufficient community in the nineteenth century.
The Stables & Beekeeping Centre

The Higgon family's horses, used for riding, hunting and for pulling vehicles, were housed at the stable block. The building includes the original floors and partitions with the names of the last horses to have been kept here.

A new addition to the stable block is the Pembrokeshire Beekeeping Centre, managed by the Pembrokeshire Beekeepers' Association. The "Bee Hive" exhibition includes live pictures of our bees from special "hive cams" and the "Honey Kitchen", where delicious Scolton Manor honey is extracted, bottled for sale and sold in the gift shop.
Tea-room, Shop & Toilets

Located next to the Manor House, the Scolton Manor Tea Rooms offer a range of hot and cold drinks, home-made cakes, snacks and light lunches.

Pick up a jar of our very own Scolton Manor Pembrokeshire Honey produced on site, or treat yourself to a souvenir of your visit from the gift shop.
The Manor House

A delightful Victorian country house, Scolton Manor was home to successive generations of the Higgon family, until it was acquired by Pembrokeshire County Council in 1972. The Manor House has been sympathetically restored over three floors to provide visitors with a taste of Victorian society and style, both above and below stairs.
Disabled Parking

Disabled parking bays are available near the Visitor Centre, with additional bays near the Manor House.
The Animal Enclosure

Meet our Shetland ponies Tom and Jerry as well as our other animals on site.
The Power Plant Tree Trail

Follow the Power Plant Tree Trail which winds its way through the arboretum opposite the Manor House.
Visitor Centre

This environmentally-friendly building, which uses a range of renewable energy applications and locally sourced materials, features displays on green issues and some of the wildlife you can expect to see as you explore the grounds.
Car Parks

Our car parks are situated at the bottom of the site, near the Visitor Centre.

Daily Charge - £2.00
Annual Season Ticket - £18.00
Play Area

It's always play time with our outdoor children's play area for all ages, featuring slides, swings and a whole lot more.
Picnic Area

The timeless tranquility of Scolton Manor is an ideal spot for a picnic.
Museum Store

A Store room of our larger museum pieces including agricultural machinery and exhibitions, which can be viewed via the viewing widows.
Dragon's Run Trail

Scolton Manor is developing as an outdoors "green gym", helping to support an active lifestyle. Children are encouraged to actively learn about creepy-crawlies and other small creatures as they follow the Dragon's Run Mini-beast Exercise Trail around the grounds.
Bird Hide & Ponds

Nest boxes and viewing hides are situated around the site to encourage the study of the wide variety of birds that visit the park.

A series of three ponds serve as a biological treatment system for waste water, which is then re-circulated for use in flushing the toilets of the Visitor Centre.

These ponds also provide an excellent habitat for ducks, frogs, dragonflies and other wetland plants and animals but, because of their primary use, access to these areas is restricted to viewing areas only.


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Map Key

  1.  Car Parks
  2.  Visitor Centre
  3.  Play Area
  4.  Picnic Area
  5.  Dragon's Run Trail
  6.  Museum Store
  7.  Bird Hide & Ponds
  8.  Power Plant Tree Trail
  9.  Animal Enclosure
  10.  Disabled Car Park
  11.  Manor House
  12.  Tea-room, Shop & Toilets
  13.  Stables & Beekeeping Centre
  14.  Walled Garden