King Arthur

King Arthur

Everyone knows of King Arthur. But did he actually exist? And, although the earliest references to him come from ancient Welsh literature, did he come from Wales?

The details remain shrouded in mystery, but many are convinced there really was an Arthur; a warrior-leader who led the defence of Britain against Saxon invaders in the late fifth century before his death around 515.

No-one knows exactly where Arthur's power base was, but there's a strong argument for him being from Wales. It is thought his name derives from the Welsh words for bear and gold - arth aur.

In the twelfth century, Geoffrey of Monmouth did much to popularise Arthurian tales. He wrote several books about Merlin, Arthur and his court at Caerleon in Wales. Later writers picked up on these stories and created the romantic tales of Camelot, Avalon and the Holy Grail.

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