Gelert, Faithful Hound

Gelert, Faithful Hound

This is a sad story! According to the legend, Llywelyn ap Gruffydd (c.1172-1240), Prince of Gwynedd, had a hound called Gelert.

One day Llywelyn went hunting, leaving Gelert behind to care for his infant son. Upon his return, Gelert ran to greet his master who noticed the dog's mouth smeared with blood. Alarmed, Llywelyn looked for his son, but saw the infant's cot was empty.

Thinking the hound was to blame, Llywelyn plunged his sword in to Gelert. The dying yelp of the dog was answered by a child's cry. Only then did the Prince discover his unharmed son beneath the cot next to the body of a mighty wolf. The faithful Gelert had defended the child and killed the wolf.

Gelert was buried with great ceremony and Prince Llywelyn, filled with remorse, is said never to have smiled again.


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